Friday, December 25, 2015

Holy Ghost (Rider), It’s Christmas…

Michelle & I truly hope everyone who eventually reads this enjoyed a personally satisfying holiday; we certainly have.  We’re very much missing our Ghosts, but thankful for the family we still have around us.

Our Hand Made Ornament from Cher Clark
Christmas day….and it’s 85F outside?  Yah, this is south Florida, but that still close to a record here in Fort Myers.  And it’s very humid – feels like June.  (Edit:  final official high was 87F,which did indeed break the old record of 86. Yikes.)

Regardless, we just completed our move from the condo (now occupied by family visitors) to the boat – although it may take a few more days to get all this stuff stowed somewhere less, um, obvious.  Gotta admit, though, the boat has gobs of storage space.  Now if we can just remember where we put it all…or where Michelle moved it afterwards.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Moving To the Boat

This should be more than just interesting.  Between out-of-town company for the holidays, and more importantly the fact we've rented out our home (condo) for the months of Jan, Feb & Mar, in the next week or so we'll be moving onto the boat.  The challenge of downsizing from 2400 square feet to, um, something that is nowhere near that, is about to become reality.  The admiral says I don't have to move (or throw out) everything -- the condo has a locked closet where I could put some things....although it's about the size of a breadbox and already jamming up with other stuff.

A concurrent challenge will be setting up a good Internet connection and secure network on the boat, for both personal and business use.  The boat's current Netgear router isn't going to cut it, so I'm currently testing out Microtik's gear,which looks promising so far....after one gets past the horridly inadequate documentation.  Good thing they have a detailed wiki.

The good news is we'll have more time to spend on the Ghost Rider's punch list....which still seems to be growing.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Back on the Boat (3)

We motored back to Legacy Harbour today, a little less than a 5 hour sortie, & gave Ghost Rider a much needed hosing down.  As usual we checked off a few of our punch list items and added a few more this week, but nothing major.  Found a slow-drip leak from the generator's fuel priming bowl, tightened up a few of its screws, will need to monitor to determine if its gasket is still serviceable.  Also have some fuel seepage (very slight) from a fuel transfer manifold valve that needs watching as we try to gradually tighten its attaching nut.

We are back to the condo for a while to tend to work obligations and administrative stuff; plus we have to (mostly) move out of the condo by January, as we've managed to rent it out for a few months. This will be interesting.

And....we got the old (Grady-White) boat sold....finally.  It's good to be back to owning just one boat.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Back on the Boat (2)

We departed the St. James City this morning & motored up the ICW to our favorite Useppa Island anchorage.  I dusted off the drone and mounted the GoPro on it to take some pics.  I was (very) rusty on the drone's apparent I'm a fixed-wing puke, this rotary wing thing in the wind takes some serious practice, especially with the small landing footprint on Ghost Rider.  My first landing was reasonably good, although I'd classify it as an aggressive "assault landing."  But the second one would have made my Dad (a Navy pilot) wince.

Anyway, we got some decent pics out of it....and I think the drone is still airworthy after the hard landing....

On the Hook @ Useppa

A Very Happy Couple

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Back on the Boat

We got a severe case of "marina queen fever" and decided we had to get back out on the boat.  So we are currently hanging on the hook just south of Pine Island / St. James City.  Gave us us chance to verify our "Spot Tracker" link was working on the Ghost Rider web site, and to continue working through our punch list for the boat.  Tomorrow we'll head up to Useppa or Boca Grande and do more of the same.

Rick is also back to some part time consulting, so occasional "real work" and conference calls still enter the picture, thus we're staying within range of 4G.  That's a story for another day.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Early December Update


Still working through our punch lists, but also hoping to get some more "stick time" soon.  A cold front is 4cast to plow thru here in the next couple days, will be interesting to see what the stiff north winds do to the tides, and the subsequent water we have under the keel.....not a lot of wiggle room in terms of depth in this part of Florida.

Current "project list" includes:

  • Getting a better drip rate & lower temps for the wing engine stuffing box / prop shaft
  • Getting a GPS feed re-established to the SSB radio
  • Replacing the water maker's filters
  • Painting the shower pan repair in the GSR
Actually the list is a lot longer, but trying to carve out workable chunks.