Thursday, December 10, 2015

Back on the Boat (3)

We motored back to Legacy Harbour today, a little less than a 5 hour sortie, & gave Ghost Rider a much needed hosing down.  As usual we checked off a few of our punch list items and added a few more this week, but nothing major.  Found a slow-drip leak from the generator's fuel priming bowl, tightened up a few of its screws, will need to monitor to determine if its gasket is still serviceable.  Also have some fuel seepage (very slight) from a fuel transfer manifold valve that needs watching as we try to gradually tighten its attaching nut.

We are back to the condo for a while to tend to work obligations and administrative stuff; plus we have to (mostly) move out of the condo by January, as we've managed to rent it out for a few months. This will be interesting.

And....we got the old (Grady-White) boat sold....finally.  It's good to be back to owning just one boat.