Friday, December 25, 2015

Holy Ghost (Rider), It’s Christmas…

Michelle & I truly hope everyone who eventually reads this enjoyed a personally satisfying holiday; we certainly have.  We’re very much missing our Ghosts, but thankful for the family we still have around us.

Our Hand Made Ornament from Cher Clark
Christmas day….and it’s 85F outside?  Yah, this is south Florida, but that still close to a record here in Fort Myers.  And it’s very humid – feels like June.  (Edit:  final official high was 87F,which did indeed break the old record of 86. Yikes.)

Regardless, we just completed our move from the condo (now occupied by family visitors) to the boat – although it may take a few more days to get all this stuff stowed somewhere less, um, obvious.  Gotta admit, though, the boat has gobs of storage space.  Now if we can just remember where we put it all…or where Michelle moved it afterwards.