Saturday, March 19, 2016

Captain School & Other Notes

Chelle's Diploma !!
Michelle & I completed the USCG captain’s course & testing today, and we are both very happy that’s over.  It certainly was informative, and I suppose it’s satisfying for each of us to hold a captain’s license, as we anticipate it will be beneficial in a number of ways.  But after 2 weeks of night & weekend classes my brain hurts.  Our main conclusion is that our studying / learning capacity isn’t what it used to be.  In some regards I felt like I was back in pilot training….there’s nothing like professional training to make you realize how much you didn’t really know.

But now we can get back to more enjoyable Ghost Rider specifics….as always the punch list doesn’t seem to get any shorter.  In the near future we hope to attack: 

·         Autopilot settings adjustments to improve tracking in following currents / seas
·         Troubleshoot the spotlight controls in the pilot house
·         Change both primary & secondary fuel filters for the generator & troubleshoot a “droop & surge” issue when A/C chillers & pumps cycle on
·         Change the genset’s oil / oil filter
·         Take on (lots of) diesel fuel and perform a preliminary calibration of our fuel tank sight gauges
·         Schedule a thorough wash & wax before we head out on the big cruise in May
·  Revisit the damned stuffing box on the wing engine….probably will be a complete disassembly if I can figure out the tools needed for that 

And of course we want to get out on another sortie soon.  It does not look promising for our Key West plans and hoped-for RZ with Blossom – thus far we’ve been unable to find a suitable marina down there with space for us.  But even if that falls through we’ll head out somewhere soon….marina fever has set in again.