Thursday, February 18, 2016

Time to Sortie Again

It’s been nearly a month since we returned from our last trip, consequently marina fever has once again set in….it’s time to go somewhere.  Since we enjoyed the St. Pete journey so much the last time out, and fellow Nordy owners Martin & Stephanie are hanging out there aboard Blossom, it just sounded like a good idea to head back up there, but this time spending a few more days to enjoy the local area.  
On the Hook @ Useppa (Again)

So we’re off….first to Useppa for a relaxing night hanging on the hook, where we are right now, and it was a gorgeous day here in south Florida.  As we exited the Caloosahatchee River today we also came across a VERY playful pod of dolphins, who rode our bow wave for quite a while.  Michelle got some pics and some video, hopefully we'll find a way to post those, it was great entertainment.

Tomorrow we pull the hook in the morning and head north to Venice (Crow’s Nest), and then make the longer leg to St. Petersburg’s Muni Marina on Saturday.  Once again we’ll make the run on the “outside”….while the inside path up the ICW is almost always a smoother ride, its bridges, narrows and shallows are just a royal pain in the ass.  We’ll take lumpy water over that, and the forecast actually looks pretty tranquil.

We also have some operational testing to do on this sortie, more on that later.