Sunday, July 3, 2016

30-Jun to 04-Jul: Up to Edisto, SC

Chased by Weather
The weather forecast was still unsettled when we awoke on Thursday, 30-Jun, but it looked good enough to make the run north to Edisto.  But first we stopped at the Harbor Town fuel dock to take on 500 gallons of diesel.  By the time we got that done and got underway it was 1000.  We plowed the first 10 miles or so on the inside behind Hilton Head Island, then exited to the Atlantic through Port Royal Sound. 
Approaching Edisto Island
Seas were tame at around 2 to 3 feet with light winds out of the southeast, and we were pleased with our new autopilot settings – cranking up the counter-rudder settings on the Simrad made a significant different in Ghost Rider’s tracking with following seas and currents.  The weather cooperated initially, but by mid-afternoon the TRWs started popping over the mainland to our southwest and started moving our way.  Tracking their movement via radar and our XM weather satellite display told us they’d likely catch us before we got to Edisto….so we bumped up the throttle and took some distance off the route by shortcutting a few turn points into shallower water, but still deep enough for our 6 foot draft.  We endured a light shower as we negotiated the final few miles of the Edisto River and St. Pierre Creek, but managed to avoid the really nasty stuff.
Docked Up -- in the Marshes According
to the Furuno Chartplotter

We had bypassed the Edisto Island Marina – they told us they were full up for the next 2 months – and threaded our way about 5 miles up river to Paul & D.D.’s place….we are pretty sure the locals don’t typically see Nordhavns motoring or docking up in this area, but thankfully the depths (if you know what side of the river to cheat towards) are excellent, especially at high tide (7+ feet this time of year.)  The charts aren’t particularly accurate up this way, either….it’s strictly a visual approach.  But we had plenty of water and room to tie up at Paul’s place. 
Paul's & DD's Place in Edisto, SC
Once again we experienced amazing hospitality from our friends....Paul & DD's place is remote but absolutely huge and quite luxurious.  Chelle and I had an entire upstairs suite to ourselves, and the food and drink was reminiscent of a 5 star resort.  A couple of days after we arrived we were also joined by our good friends from Atlanta -- Dale, Cal and Kara -- and we had a fantastic reunion....while also eating and drinking way too much.
Ghost Rider Docked at Paul's
Place in Edisto, SC, at High Tide

Paul took us on a tour of the local rivers and low country in his 20 foot skiff, and from what we saw of the nearby ICW, we were easily convinced that the best route to Charleston is definitely on the outside. But this area is both peaceful and beautiful, with plenty of wildlife, including lots of dolphins and acrobatic sturgeon.

More pics of the journey and local area are below.

We'll likely stay here a couple more days -- or until they kick us out -- and then make the short one day hop up to Charleston, where we'll likely hang out for a week or so.  
Our Track from Hilton Head to Edisto
Our Path Up River to Paul's Place
Edisto Marina...About 5 Miles Down River
Big Bay Creek Behind Edisto Island
Pretty Odd to See a Nordy Docked Up Here
Another Shot at High Tide 
And at Low Tide

Michelle and Paul on the Skiff
Social Time on the Dock
And More of That
Never Forget